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What is smart home and why would I need it?

Smart home is a comfortable way of controlling heating, ventilation, cooling, intercom and other devices. Instead of surrounding yourself with a large number of remotes you can choose one that controls everything. Therefore you need to use only one simple system that fits all of your home on one screen. We believe that this makes our life easier and more efficient.

Techno Life
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Benefits for homeowner

  • Healthy and comfortable indoor environment
  • Comfortable control of HVAC ā€“ 3 different remotes are replaced with one tablet which is usable also on your smart phone
  • Easy to use user-interface
  • Energy saving
  • Additional services for home owners ā€“ food, laundry, security, taxi
  • Integration with maintenance partners ā€“ changing of filters etc.
  • 24/7 customer support

For Whom

Smart home is suitable






About Techno Life

Techno Life provides home automation, access control and integration services. We are a proud member of USS group and therefore our competence as a group covers: maintenance and administration of property, installation of security systems and providing security services.

Martin Kirk

Martin Kirk

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Jonatan Kask

Sales manager
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